What is a Smart City?

The Smart City is a new concept that refers to a city that wants to improve the quality of its citizens’ lives across the whole society, by promoting the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) to engage with citizens in order to achieve sustainable social, economic and urban development.

Smart cities provide more efficient management of the city´s services and resources by creating more effective urban systems, improved public transportation and secured urban spaces; promoting global networking, people-led innovations, the formation of knowledge clusters, and in general a higher capacity of monitoring and manage environmental, urban and social issues.

In a Smart City the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) is suggested to concentrate on some important points, aiming to supports and fosters personal and business development.

The first of these is a more efficient use of physical infrastructure (roads, built environments etc.). Not less important is the use cities are supposed to make of the creative industries, supported by social networks and voluntary organisations. Furthermore, a Smart Cities is able to respond promptly to changing circumstances and facilitates the interaction of its citizens with its administration and makes information available in real time.

Barcelona Smart City

Today Barcelona is considered the top smart city in Spain and the fourth in Europe, thanks to its spirit of innovation, enterprise and nonconformity, which characterised the city along its more than 2000 years of history.

Barcelona has been able to put into practice the ideas of the Smart City by the application of a transversal strategy based on a long-term projection of urban transformation, embracing all areas of urban and social development: public and social services, environment, mobility, economy and business, research and innovation, communications, infrastructures, tourism and citizen cooperation.

Barcelona has always had a singular identity and a clear vision of its goals: it wants to become a productive, self-sufficient, inclusive and innovative city, where citizens benefit from a better quality of life and economic growth, reached through the improved management of the city´s services and resources.

This month Barcelona is hosting the IV Edition of the Smart City Expo World Congress, a meeting of companies, cities, entrepreneurs and opinion leaders aiming to share in the same space ideas and projects related to Smart Cities.

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