Four things that make Barcelona an ideal place to live in

Architecture: Barcelona has a unique blend of architecture starting from the Roman and Gothic buildings of the “El Gòtic” old town, though the examples of the modernism movement and the art of the internationally acclaimed Antoni Gaudí, to today’s business district with newly built sky scrapers that reflect Barcelona’s expanding economy.

Culture: The city has its own outlook on life, its inhabitants like working hard in order to make their mark on the city and their lives. As the capital of Catalonia, Barcelona is Catalan first and Spanish second, and the fusion of the two, touched also by all European cultural influences and not only, makes the city a unique place, open to the World.

Cuisine: With some of the finest dining on the planet, Barcelona cuisine is highly recommended by critics and connoisseurs. Many places are specialised in the regional Catalan cuisine but also offer first class international dishes. The high quality ingredients and perfect execution make Barcelona one of the finest dining cities in the world.

Atmosphere: Barcelona has a special climate with long sunny days all year round , and sunshine and high standard of living make that Catalan are extremely friendly people who enjoy living in their city. Barcelona keeps its own hours: late rise, evening siestas and late dinner, starting at around 10 pm. With the city opening onto the beach, the never ending list of attractions and events and the high quality local produce, Barcelona is an ideal place to live in.