Welcome to the Eixample, Barcelona

When people who have visited Barcelona think about living in Barcelona, they are probably imagining   Eixample … Paseo de Gracia , Rambla Catalunya and Sagrada de familia, to mention but a few sites.

Eixample is the heart of the city, just north of the old city and just south of the neighborhoods under the mountain, such as Sant Gervasi and Gracia. Eixample means Extension in Catalan.

It’s got it all, great residential properties, high end shopping, cafes and restaurants on every street corner and a Myriad of stores to purchase your everyday goods from.

New comers tend to chose to live in this area after living in Barcelona for a few months as they figure out which neighborhood suites them. I believe it has everything you imagine when you think of Barcelona. You can Metro your way around in 5 min in any direction, and its buses are fast and there are stops very frequent.

Designed in the mid of 18th century by a Mr Cerdà ,  its long streets and neatly laid out avenues and parks were a vision of utopia and has certainly changed since its initial conception but has remained a brilliant city design layout.

Buying a property here offers great return on rentals and or holiday lets. It’s a safe long term primary residence .The property prices remained steady, even during the crisis, with slight fluctuations here and there, and then saw a steady climb in the last year, and has remained a great investment throughout.

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