The Co-Founder of Deluxe Locations, Mr. Fabio Sánchez travelled to China last week, visiting several partners of Deluxe Locations in different cities of the country, such as Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai.  Mr. Sánchez met with directors and representatives of the biggest Chinese companies as well as the ones of recently founded or smaller businesses.

“We want Chinese people to enjoy our country and cities” – Mr. Sánchez explained on his return. – “Our partners of course are all very well informed and I received the warmest welcome from every single person I met, but at the same time they told me that for many people in China Barcelona is only one of the nice European cities and they know little or nothing more about it. Our Team will be working on helping Chinese people to discover and enjoy the beauty and great opportunities Barcelona and the Coast of Catalonia offer to them.”

In Deluxe Locations  we help people all over the World to find and invest in properties in Spain, including homes, business, investments and relocation. In order to do our job in the most efficient way, we cooperate with our valued local partners, such as agencies or companies in the Luxury Real Estate sector, building profitable partnerships and, above all, ensuring the most adequate service for our clients and worldwide visibility of our luxury properties.  Our partners in China are among the best ones on the market, with long experience on international level and a board net of local quality clients.

Regarding Barcelona and Catalonia’s Coast we just present the facts: the great quality of life and business environment, good weather, high number of touristic and cultural attractions, variety of living areas, high standard of living, with great infrastructure, transportation, health and education facilities, and, above all, the excellent quality-price ratio of the properties in Barcelona, speak for themselves.

As Mr. Sánchez concludes: “Barcelona is the perfect place to live and make businesses, and Deluxe Locations is proud to help people to enjoy this wonderful city”.